Fetus dumped near Quiapo Church on Christmas Eve

6 Jan

by Maria Edfrel Haboc

I can’t explain my feelings after watching this news on TV early morning of December 25 while our family were preparing to go to mass. Its  headline was Fetus dumped near Quiapo Church on Christmas Eve .

Imagine, a fetus was abandoned right at the moment when all people were happy celebrating the Christmas Eve, gathered with all their relatives and loved ones.

I felt sorry for this baby who had been a victim of abortion on a very unforgettable occasion, plus a remarkable place, the Quiapo Church.

Come to think of it, we all know that church is against this wrong doings, considered to be a major sin to all Catholics. That was so immoral to abort a baby and then dump it in this sacred place. Why didn’t the mother dumped it somewhere else?

According to the news, Danilo Gabon, a garbage scavenger, discovered the 7- to 8-month-old fetus in a pile of trash near the church past 11 p.m. That’s almost a baby. Only a month or so and it could have been a completely developed baby.

Of course, we do not know where this fetus came from. It maybe from a mother who is not ready to have a baby, a teenager perhaps, or maybe from someone who have so many children at this time and thinks she could not bear it to have one more additional child because of crisis.

There were so many angles to look up to, thinking of reasons why this happened. But only one thing is for sure. The baby, was unplanned, and so he was dumped.

Poor little angel who was left right in front of church, in front of God, and sadly didn’t even had the chance to witness and celebrate the Christmas Day.


“PUSH” by Sapphire, will surely touch your heart

6 Jan

By Maria Edfrel Haboc

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PUSH by Sapphire is about a young girl named Claireece Precious Jones who gets abused by her mother and sexually abused by father and ends up with two kids by him. And she gets kicked out of school because she was pregnant! The main characters are Precious, her mother, and Miss Rain. The strengths of this book is that Miss Rain motivates Precious to never give up and never let no one get in the way of her trying to accomplish something, and I think that is the biggest strength throughout this whole book.

When you first read this book its sort of hard to figure out what Precious is saying because she wrote it as if she was talking. “The tesses paint a picture of me an’ my muver my whole family, we more than dumb, we invisible. “Precious really never learned how to read and write until she went to a school to help her get or G.E.D. When she is in the pre.G.E.D class she is scared that everyone will laugh at her but they help her. For example when the teacher said she wanted to see everyone in ABC order the students helped Precious figure out when her turn would be.

Precious doesn’t really have a easy life. She is abused by her mom not just physical but verbally as well. Her mom beat Precious after she found out Precious was pregnant both times. Precious is also sexually abused by her dad which resulted in her having 2 children from him. This story relates to many people because many kids are abused in some way. “Children ages 3 through 12 estimated that nearly 75 million youngsters suffer both physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their parents on a daily basis.”

The first thing I liked about the book push is it opens with her writing as if it was a journal and shows her illiteracy by printing as she would “my baby got down syndrome” and “I’m pregnant from my father”. Difficult challenges were her being raped by her father and mother and being forced to eat when she was full to the point of passing out  And it will also move you with this illiterate young mother going to an alternative school for her to learn how to read, write, and do for her and children.

I also liked how it showed so much graphic and detail like when her mother forced her to eat then while she was asleep the mother would molest her. I loved how it shows as well as tells u that this 16 year old girl is going through a serious struggle with both life home and at school other then being 16 in the ninth grade. It tells the physical and mental abuse the she was put through on a daily basis.

The reality is something that made me enjoy the book. For example Precious was raped by her own father. That’s real it’s not fake nor is it something easy for anyone to share it happens so much but people like to be blind towards it. She was 16 years old pregnant with her second child. There is a part in the book where she is class and these boys were being disrespectful and she liked the teacher so she calmed then and was there for the teacher even though she wasn’t learning anything in the class.

I have to say because of the emotions you feel when you’re reading it is so unimaginable I’d have to give it a personal two thumbs up. If you like books that show you a close look on the life of children in abusive households this is an excellent book for you or anyone that wants to read an inspiring book of reality of abuse and rape and I’d give it a five star rating.

I think that everyone should read this book or watch the movie because I think it might help people realize that not everyone has a perfect life. A lot of people know that kids are abused they just don’t want to really realize it. This book also gives you first hand on teen pregnancy and how it’s hard for people with a learning disability to learn.

Sex on public in Boracay!

6 Jan

By: Eunice Erika Garcia


I am appalled to hear the news about the scandalous love making of foreigner couples at the beach of Boracay last New Year, on the first day of 2011. A number of foreign couples were caught on tape having sex.

Yes, the Philippines is a very beautiful country. Who wouldn’t be in love with the magnificent view on the island of Boracay. The ambiance may be very romantic but it not enough to be an excuse for public display of affection especially if what you’re doing is scandalous already.

I also have a boyfriend. Holding each others hand, kissing and hugging are natural but it also depends on the place and the people you are around with. Partners should also be sensitive with the others around them. If what they want to do will make others feel uncomfortable, them maybe something is wrong or too much.

Like what actress, Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez said, as Filipinos, we grew up in a very conservative way. Acts such as the ones caught on tape by the ABS-CBN news team are very outrageous. Reports like these put in blemish not only to the place’s name but to the people who lives here.

Filipinos are known to be very hospitable. A visitor is treated like a king or queen. We are also aware that most of our foreign visitors are very liberated. We Filipinos respect that but that doesn’t mean that we can allow these people to do whatever they want.  

Philippine tourism should be stricter with these kinds of issues. Rules and law should be implemented to those who will not follow. Cases like these are very hard to control but with the help of the local community members it can be avoided. Those who will see scandalous acts such as these should immediately report it to the authorities.

These kinds of scandals aren’t good for the youth today. We shouldn’t allow these foreigners to influence our youth with disgraceful acts especially in public places such as beaches.

We must remind them that this is not their homeland. They are visitors, and visitors must obey the landowner’s rules. Yes, we should maintain to be hospitable hosts but we shouldn’t let these foreigners abuse our kindness.

Ako At Ang Serye Ng Librong Twilight

6 Jan

By: Eunice Erika Garcia


Hindi ako tagahanga ng makakapal na libro. Sa totoo lang, isang tingin ko pa lang sa mga ‘yon ay hindi ko na pinagkakainterasan pang basahin. Ewan ko ba kung ano ang pumasok sa isip ko at naisipan kong simulan ang unang libro ng serye ng Twilight. Siguro dahil sikat iyon noong mga panahong iyon. Usisera lang talaga ako at ayaw kong mapagiwanan sa mga usapan kaya nakiuso na din ako.

Isang kaibigan ang nagpakilala sa akin ng E-book. Ito ‘yung isang buong libro, kahit gaano pa kakapal yan ay maaari mo nang maitago at mabasa sa sariling cell phone. Dahil tamad nga ako, mas gusto ko ito. Una dahil isscroll na lang sa cell phone ang bawat pahina at awtomatiko na nitong ise-save ang pahina kung saan ka huling huminto magbasa. Pangalawa, dahil hindi ko na kailangan pang magdala ng mabigat na libro. Pangatlo, maaari ko na itong basahin, kahit kailan ko man gusto.

Hindi mahirap basahin ang librong Twilight. Ang mga salitang ingles na ginamit ay karaniwan lamang at hindi iyong tipong sobrang lalim na ikadudugo na ng ilong ng mambabasa. Isa ito sa mga hinahanap ko sa isang libro. May isang guro ako dati na nagsabi sa aking, hindi porke malalalim ang salitang ginamit, ay napakaganda na ng pagkakasulat. Ang mahalaga ay ang nilalaman at kung matagumpay bang naiparating ng may-akda ang kanyang mensahe o nais ikwento sa mga mambabasa.

Isa ding dahilan kung bakit marami ang nahumaling sa istoryang ito ay dahil ito ay isang kwento ng pag-ibig. Pag-ibig ang pinakapaboritong paksa ng mga tao saan mang lupalop ng mundo. Dito nga sa ating bansa, ultimo buhay-pag-ibig ng ating Presidente ay pinanghihimasukan ng mga usisero’t usisera.

Karagdagang dahilan kung bakit ito nagiging patok sa mga tao ay dahil hindi karaniwan ang kwento. Ang mga tauhang kasali ay hindi lahat tao. Napakamalikhaing imahinasyon ang makabuo ng pag-iibigan sa pagitan ng tao, bampira, at taong-lobo.

Napakarami nang kwento at haka-haka ang nagkalat sa buong mundo. Ngunit isang misteryo pa ring maituturing kung ang mga ito nga ba’y likhang isip lang ng mga tao o sadyang mayroon ding pinagbabasehang pinagmulan.

Ang serye ng Twilight ay may sagot sa bawat katanungan sa misteryo ng lahi ng bawat tauhan sa kwento.  Mahusay na napagtagpi-tagpi ng may-akda na si Stephenie Meyer ang koneksyon sa mga tauhan at ang mga kaganapan sa bawat buhay nila. Mapaglaro ang mga salitang ginamit sa libro. Detalyado nitong isinasalaysay ang mga damdamin ng mga tauhan. Ako mismo, bilang isang mambabasa ay nadadala sa kanyang kwento.

Nang minsang magkaroon naman ako ng pagkakataong makahiram ng ikatlong libro ng seryeng ito (masyadong mahal para sa akin ang bumili ng librong ito.), hindi ko na talaga binitawan hanggang sa matapos ko na pati ang ikaapat na libro. Tila ako naging isang bampira tulad ni Edward dahil hindi na ako minsan makatulog sa gabi dahil gusto kong matapos agad ang libro at malaman ang mga susunod na pangyayari.

Ito ang unang serye ng makakapal na librong natapos ko sa tanang buhay ko at ipinagmamalaki ko ito. Tila naging rason pa ito para sa aki para maghanap ng susunod pang maaaring mabasa. Kaya ko pala. Nasa isip lang ang katamaran.

one memorable vacation

6 Jan

By: Eunice Erika Garcia

Days before the Christmas day, my family and I are appalled with a series of events that almost threatened our loved ones’ lives.

On the 15th of December 2010, our family celebrated the baptismal of my newly born cousin, Iñigo. Together with my other cousins, aunts and uncles, we dine in for lunch at a restaurant in Quezon City. It was a very fun day, and neither one of us would expect something bad will happen.

 On our way home, my cousin Ate Darlene told us that she was going to fetch her car at the repair shop that day. As soon as she got home, she parked her car just outside their house like what she used to do. A few hours after that, her sister, Kim heard something like a blast outside. She went at the veranda to check what she heard. She then saw a man running away from her sister’s car. To her surprise, the windshield of Ate Darlene’s car was broken. She immediately called her sister and the guards of their subdivision for help.

 Unfortunately the guards did not catch the culprit. According to the police, it seems like what happened was intentional because they also found a nail by the tires.

 On the 18th of December 2010, my aunt, Kim’s mother received a phone call. The man on the other line said “Tingnan nyo yung metro ng meralco nyo.” The man immediately hang up. They checked it and found out that the glass casing was not there anymore. Again, it seems like an intended act because the wrongdoer seemed to patiently take the screws off to get the case and when my relatives did not notice that it was lost, he called them to let them know.

On the same day, while my cousin, Kim and her parents were talking just outside their house with another neighbor, a young man in his motorcycle spitted near them. This young man was also their neighbor. When they asked him why he did such a thing, the young man got angry and said “Issue na yun sa inyo? Isyu na din yun?” He then told my uncle to wait for him as he parked his motorcycle in front of their house and called his family to back him up.

 My relatives know that they are outnumbered. There were only three of them and my uncle was the only man while their neighbor was with his brothers and their father. They went inside their house but the family of their neighbor was all together challenging them to go outside. Even the mother was right by their house shouting as if her child was terribly hurt by the incident.

That event caused so much commotion in their subdivision. Policemen were involved and some homeowner officials were drawn in too. Their street was filled with bystanders and gossipers. Nobody got arrested but the policemen recorded everything that has happened.

 Because of what happened, Kim’s family is now afraid to leave the house. I was asked to accompany her while we’re on vacation so she will have somebody with her when her parents and sister are at work.

On my first night, we were laughing our hearts out when suddenly a mysterious phone call interrupted us. Kim answered the phone but the caller did not answer back then he hangs up. A few seconds later, he called again. The man on the other line said to Kim, “Mag-ingat kayo, mayroong gustong sumunog ng bahay nyo.”

That was really scary for us since we are the only ones left in the house. We immediately called our other relatives, the guards, and Kim’s parents. That was not a good joke. My cousin seemed so traumatic with everything that has happened. She was literally shaking because of fear. I tried to calm her down, but I also found myself in tears. 

Just before New Year’s Day, my relatives bought a caller ID for their phone and built a CCTV by the veranda. It cost a lot of money, but their safety is more important.

Kasapi ako sa SMP(Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko)

3 Jan

By: Maria Edfrel Haboc


Habang pinapanood ko ang video na ito ay napaawit ako at bigla kong naalala ang lungkot ng Pasko ngayon…

♫ Pasko na naman ngunit wala ka pa
Hanggang kailan kaya ako maghihintay sa iyo
Bakit ba naman kailangang lumisan pa
Ang tanging hangad ko lang ay makapiling ka ♫

Siya si Arnell Joel Madarang, kung tawagin ko ay “Hubby”. Ang aking nobyo na ngayon ay nasa Canada.

Malungkot ang aking Pasko ngayon dahil hindi ko siya kapiling sa ganitong malamig na panahon. Ang pinakamasayang okasyon na ipinagdiriwang dito sa ating bansa, kung saan ang buong pamilya at mga mahal sa buhay ay nagsasama-sama.

Siya ay mahigit tatlong taon nang nagtatrabaho sa Canada upang makatulong sa kanyang pamilya, mapag-aral ang kanyang mga kapatid at higit sa lahat ay makaipon para sa aming kinabukasan.

Isa lamang siya sa libu-libong OFWs na hindi nagkaroon ng pagkakataong makauwi sa Pilipinas ngayong Disyembre, at dumaranas na labis na lungkot sa pagiging malayo sa mga minamahal sa buhay.

Salamat na lamang at nariyan ang aking pamilya. Masaya pa rin sa kabilang dako ang aking pasko ngayon dahil narito at kapiling ko sila.

Nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na ipasyal sa shopping mall ang aking mga kapatid kasama ang aming minamahal na ina.

Lubos kong ikinagalak nang makita ang ngiti sa kanilang mga mukha matapos mabili ang kanilang mga bagong damit at iba pang  mga regalo. Ang sabi nga, ito ang tunay na kahulugan ng Pasko. Ang “Pagbibigayan at Pagmamahalan”.

Inimbitahan naman ako ng pamilya ni Hubby sa kanilang tahanan para sa isang munting salu-salo, ako muna raw ang magsisilbing “proxy” habang ang kanilang anak ay wala rito sa Pilipinas.

Bagamat madalas naman kaming magka-chat at magka-text ni Hubby ay iba pa rin para sa akin na naririto siya sa aking tabi, magkapiling at sabay na ipinagdiriwang ang Pasko. Ito ang dahilan kaya naman ganoon na lang ang inggit na aking nararamdaman sa tuwing makakakita ng mga  magkasintahang naglalakad sa mga mall at sa mga park na magkahawak-kamay. Lagi kong naiisip, sana, nandito rin siya.

Ang aking tanong, kailan ko kaya maipagdiriwang ang Pasko kasama siya? Kailan kaya matutupad ang pangarap ko na makumpleto ang lahat ng mga mahal ko sa buhay sa tuwing sasapit ang Pasko?

Sana…. Sana… Malapit na…

SEX AND PREGNANCY: Reserve it After MARRIAGE, It’s forbidden to happen at an EARLY AGE..

12 Dec

a blog about the Church’s Role in Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage Pregnancy, one of the most uncontrolable problems af youth of today. Almost 40% of teenage girls got pregnant at early age. And every people who really care about this matter always wondering of the best solution to prevent this to happen. Family, friends and church, these are the factors that can be one of the instruments in preventing this, but it is always depend upon on how a “person” who belong to this make his own way to do his/her role.

One of those factors is the church. How can they influence teenagers to avoid “Early Pregnancy”? What is it’s Role? What is it’s Point of View about this? Questions that are needed to be answered, because some of us didn’t give any attention to the relation of Church to early pregnancy.

Church, especially, Catholic Church is againts “Pre-marital Sex”. They teach people to understand why they are not agree to this matter. They believe that a couple needs to get married first before doing it. Though most of us didn’t obey their rules pertaining to “Sex” they still keep their hands on not just to prevent this but also to prevent those bad effects that it brings. They believe that “sex and pregnancy” were reserved for married couples and not to those who didn’t go through marriage.

Chruch is also againts to “BIRTH CONTROLS” but they also againts to “PREGNANCY without Marriage” and “Pre-marital Sex”. Maybe to those who did not believe in what the church’s was saying is these things that they didn’t agreeing to is just an ugly rule. But for others,what does the church says were right.

We have different religions, but I know that most of the religions disagreeing to “Early pregnancy”. And their role is to teach people and to make them understand why a couple needs to get married first before going through sex and pregnancy. They do this for our own good. Though they were againts to birth controls still they were againts to “TEENAGE PREGNANCY”. The best way to avoid this is to follow  our church’s rules: “Reserve Sex after marriage to avoid Early pregnancy, don’t use birth controls, use your own SELF-CONTROL..”


9 Dec

By Maria Edfrel Haboc

For a long long time, the Philippine government is finding ways to eliminate poverty and their efforts are all in vain. Even with the aid of the United Nations, or the mercy of any other organizations, these solutions are not yet realized until the Philippines came to a point that its population is growing out of control.

Then came Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman and Rep. Janette Garin’s initiative – The Reproductive Health Bill. Reading the entire propositions of the bill, one can say that what it contains is for the good of everybody. Its goal is to educate every Filipino about family planning, responsible parenthood and providing contraceptives to indigents.

But this bill has diminished through and through, although it bears the flag of everybody’s freedom. (It is everybody’d freedom to have a choice).  It has been rained on by rebuttals, violent reactions and black propaganda. Now, this bill has come back from the dead, to try to survive from tribulations brought forth by attacks coming from – the religious sector.

Informed choice – it is the very platform of the government’s efforts to reduce poverty and the population explosion as well. By giving the right information to the people, they will be able to decide if they would carry on and BEAR CHILDREN WHICH WILL JUST END UP STARVING, OR DUMPED IN A GARBAGE CAN. Or they will have a choice to LIMIT THEIR CHILDREN, WHICH THEY CAN SUSTAIN. Currently, the only choice we have is the first one. Legislators are now paving way to have a better road to progress – by trying to make way for the second choice. If this RH Bill is realized, it will help many indigent families. It will inform the uneducated about their rights and what they can do to live a more sustainable and bearable life.

“It is nothing but murder… a corruption of the very purpose of why we are here… to thrive…” if I’m not mistaken, this is a redundant cliché of the antagonists of the RH Bill. They claim contraception is murder. They say it’s against the Word of God. Can they please cite a passage on the Bible that says it is wrong? And I’ll show them a verse that proves they are wrong. They don’t realize that letting people live in misery, in a situation that could have been prevented, to be borne into this world just to starve, to suffer is much worse than murder. What do they do about it? Can they feed these people? Do they even help them?  And murder, they say? Who is being murdered? Nothing is being murdered because nothing is formed. Contraception impedes the union of the sperm cell and the ovum. (We all know that if these two combines, the result is that of a live being, the zygote).  Now cite the murder there.

Sexual intercourse is only for procreation. Really? Don’t legitimate couples have the right to express their love to each other once in a while, having no worries it may lead to an unwanted pregnancy?  What’s the point of God making “reproduction” enjoyable?

And the purpose of our very survival here is to what? To THRIVE? To thrive and deplete the natural resources? To thrive and suffer hunger, thirst, poverty? To thrive and have no dignity?

Now, we’re back to ignorance. To those who oppose the RH Bill and claim that they are pro-life, what kind of life are they exactly advocating? Fetuses dumped, abandoned babies, mothers dying out of giving birth, starving families – all of these could have been curbed down if not eradicated, if only the government has implemented a long-term solution to the population explosion problem.

Think about it. Yes, we’ve heard that even America, a long time proponent of the Reproductive Health, still has about 300 million people living in poverty. But as we can see, the poor here in the Philippines are in much worse conditions than the American poor. Homeless people there have pension from the U.S. government! Think about it. This is for the good of everybody…. Why not give it a chance?



9 Dec

by Maria Edfrel Haboc

What do you think is the common reaction of parents when their 16 year old daughter confess that she is pregnant?

Of course, frequently responses are negative. Whose parents would likely want this situation happen to their precious young child? Whose parents would believe that their kids at this age could engage with premarital sex? At this point of adolescence, they’re presumed to be innocent, pure and wholesome. But all turned down and some parents would have a connotation, “they’re trophies have gone lost.”

These are the few of many reasons why teenagers were afraid to confess that they’re carrying a 2-month-old baby. And in this case, the adult parents or the family plays the most important part. Whether they like it or not, they can do nothing but to support their child, most especially to help the teen to boost the morale because depression is the most common among pregnant teens; while others become overwhelmed by guilt, anxiety and fears about the future.

Mostly teenage parents, due to underage, can’t find a job to sustain the needs of their family. They depend to their parents—live with them, share meals with them. In other words, they’re not independent and don’t have the capabilities to live alone. These are the common nuisance of the family of the teenager. Additional members of the family, means bigger and more financial aspects to spend.

The worst side is when these teenage parents become adults and still don’t search for ways to separate ways, others got used to it and even they’re old enough to look for jobs, they don’t pursue own ways to succeed as they know they still have their adult parents to depend to.

Forget about initial pessimistic reactions from adult parents. Instead, keep in mind that if pregnancy occurs, teenagers and their families deserve honest and sensitive counselling about options available to them. Special support systems, including consultation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist when needed, should be available to help the teenager throughout the pregnancy, the birth, and the decision about whether to keep the infant or give it up for adoption. There may be times when the pregnant teenager’s emotional reactions and mental state will require referral to a qualified mental health professional.

Adolescents who become pregnant may not seek proper medical care during their pregnancy, leading to an increased risk for medical complications. Pregnant teenagers require special understanding, medical care, and education–particularly about nutrition, infections, substance abuse, and complications of pregnancy. They also need to learn that using tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, can damage the developing fetus. All pregnant teenagers should have medical care beginning early in their pregnancy.

While facing the grim realities of teen pregnancy is not pleasant, this is not the picture that has to be painted. Teen mothers are perfectly capable of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. With the proper nutrition, early prenatal care and good screening for potential problems the majority of these potential problems will not come to light. While some tend to think that you can’t teach a teen mother anything about her body or baby, it’s really a ridiculous notion. Many of the teen mothers who take active roles in their care do go on to have healthy babies, despite the other hardships that they will face in their lives. Support from the family is a must for the young, new family to be successful.


8 Dec

By: Eunice Erika S. Garcia

Ano nga ba ang kahalagahan ng lipunan sa buhay ng kabataan? Ang bawat tao ay nabibilang sa isang pangkat o grupo ng mamamayan na nagkakaisa sa sariling kultura, tradisyon at paniniwala. Mula sa kapanganakan ng tao ay ipinapakilala na ang kapaligirang kanyang kagigisnan at sa pagtanda niya’y lipunan ang may malaking kontribusyon sa paghubog ng kanyang personalidad at pagkatao.

            Ang mga kabataan, sa kanilang pagtanda ay nagiipon ng mga kaalaman at iba’t ibang impormasyon na maaaring maging kapaki-pakinabang sa kanilang buhay. Ang pagiging mausisa ay natural lamang ngunit kadalasan, lalo na kung walang tama at mabuting patnubay, ang paguusisa ay nagdudulot ng kapusukan at pagiging mapageksperimento ng kabataan.

            Mahalaga ang papel na ginagampanan ng lipunan sa buhay ng mga kabataan. Lipunan ang isa sa mga aspetong bumubuo sa kung paano ang  nagiging pagtanaw ng kabataan sa kanilang sarili at sa mga taong nakakasalamuha nila.

            Lipunan ang nagdidikta kung ano ang tama, mali, mabuti at hindi. Sa murang pag-iisip ng kabataan, wala pa silang sapat na kakayahang mawari kung ano ang naaayon at ang hindi katanggap-tanggap. Responsibilidad ng komunidad na kinabibilangan ng bawat isa na gabayan ang kabataan sa kanilang mga desisyon upang hindi sila maging sakit ng lipunan.

            Marami ang nagsasabing sakit nga sa ating lipunan ang mga kabataan sa kasalukuyan, ngunit kung susuriing mabuti, sila pa nga ang biktima. Nakababahala ang dumadaming kaso ng pangaabuso at pagpapabaya sa kabataan.

Ang mga kabataang nagkalat sa kalye, na sa murang edad ay natututo nang magnakaw at pumasok sa trabahong may kinalaman sa pagbebenta ng sarili ay dulot ng juvenile delinquency o ang kapabayaan ng mga iresponsableng magulang sa kanilang mga anak. Ang napakaraming kaso ng child laborers ay sumasalamin sa pagsasawalang-bahala ng lipunan sa mga karapatan ng kabataan.

Bilang mga miyembro ng iisang lipunan, marapat lamang na bigyang-halaga at pangalagaan natin ang mga kabataan. Mayroong mga batas tulad ng Republic Act 9231 na nagsusulong ng mga karapatan nila na dapat nating isaalang-alang.

Patnubay hindi lamang ng sariling pamilya ngunit maging ng lipunan ang kailangan ng kabataan upang hindi sila maligaw ng landas at sa halip ay maging pag-asa pa ng pagsulong ng kalagayan ng lipunan.