Out of School Youth

24 Nov

“Gusto ko pa rin mag-aral pero wala akong pantustos sa pag-aaral ko” my friend Jane said. She’s one of my friend who got pregnant at the age of fifteen. We were both 18 years old that time when I asked her, I was already in college by then and she was already facing the challenges of being a mother. When I looked at her, I noticed that her alluring eyes were tired, her beauty fades as the years go by. I know the reasons why she became like that. She was left by her husband after their baby reached 1 year old. I don’t know the real reason why they separated but she said “Hirap daw siya, Wala daw siyang trabaho at hindi niya daw ma-enjoy yung’ buhay nya..” That simple? For me, that guy is irresponsible, though they were both victims of being influenced by their friends, still he must still consider their baby. He must be thinking what would happen to their baby if there’s no one to support him?

Now the baby is four years old. At this age, the child must be attending school. But like my friends said, she can’t support the school needs of her son. She don’t have a work, it so hard for her to find a job because she didn’t finish highschool. They are living with her mom who is a fishball vendor.

So, I asked her ” Anung balak mo?” then she answered “Bahala na..”. When  I heard, that I got so dissapointed because she must have been supporting her child especially in school. But she thinks she can’t, so she just forget that she must let her son to learn and to experience schooling.

Her experience brought up lot of questions in my mind. How many children are in this kind of situation? How does it feel? Why this thing happen? How many “out of school youth” are existing right now in our country? In the whole world? there are so many questions that bothers me. The only person that can answer me with my questions is the one who experiencing it. So i tried to ask many people and they have same answer “Mahirap ngayon ang buhay, walang pera.”

After meeting them, I found my self so fortunate because I have my mom, dad and my whole family to support me. For others information, I am a teenage mom too. But my difference with Jane is that I gave birth at the age of 18, im already in college then, four of my brothers and sisters were all working and also my dad, so they supported me when I can’t earn money. They still help me to attend school, they gave all the support that they can give.

But if I will be in their position, I will still look for a way to earn money and let my son attend school. Because he must have the education and once he attend school he will learn to write, to read, he will learn about the facts in life and maybe he can have a knowledge about sex, and I am hoping that when he had learned about it and the effects of it he will think that he must control his self to do it in early age and if most of the youth will be like this, I think, the growth of out of school youth rate will not increase.


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