24 Nov

by Jessa Monica C. Perez

How it feels to be a teenage mom?  Ofcourse, it’s not that easy for a teenager to be in this situation. There are a lot of blogs that were already posted in many sites discussing this topic, because this is one of the most-talked topic not just in our country, but in the whole world.

This teenage pregnancy occur on the stage wherein the youth explores and trying to experience a lot of things in their world. The family, school and the church must be their guide in exploring things, but sometimes the so-called barkada or friend became more influential among others. Why? Because they want to have friends, they want to belong in a group that they can make them happy, they want to be in a peer, they don’t want to be discriminated. In school, they think if they have a “barkada” they can’t be bullied by others, it was like they are with their “saviors”. As the day past by they will trust these people more and more until they believe and they think that these barkada is a good influence without thinking what’s the real effect of having or belonging in a peer. But they didn’t know that some influences from “barkada” or gangs bring negative effects, and teens are not that open with these because they just want to “Experience” different things that they can’t experience on their childhood days.

Female Adolescents must have an adequate education about “Sex”. Because lack of education about these may lead to early and unwanted pregnancy. Especially if their friends were engaged in sexual behavior. If a teenagers or young women have the education and think that premarital sex brings a negative effect, maybe they would start sex at a later age.

There are certain reasons why “Teenage Pregnancy” must be avoided. First is, “Risk of malnutrition”, because if a female adolescent got pregnant and she don’t have any knowledge on how to take care of herself while having a baby in her womb, there’s a posibility that she would smoke, drink, take drugs, she will not eat healthy foods, etc. and these will affect the baby and may cause health problems of the baby.

Next is, Risk of Abortion, Unplanned or unwanted pregnancies cause the higher risk of abortion. Most of the pregnant young women got afraid of facing the life of being a mother, they are afraid of raising their baby alone because the father of the baby is still too young and both of them were not ready and also got afraid to dissapoint their parents because they can’t finish their studies.

Early pregnancy must be avoided, teenagers must have an education about sex, they must have the knowledge and they must know the risk of being a “Teenage Mom”.


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