25 Nov

By: Eunice Erika S. Garcia

Media is a way to communicate. Television, radio, newspaper, magazine and the internet plays a big role on the development of the youth’s character and their own perception to themselves and their environment. Media’s role is to inform, educate, and entertain. It is the foundation of information, learning and entertainment.

How does media influences the youth today? Teenagers, especially the present generation, depends a lot from it and sometimes they let it shape their own lives.

In a democratic country like ours where freedom is being practiced, controlling what is good and bad information is very difficult. The youth whose minds are still young tends to absorb all the information being served. Without proper guidance, they won’t be able to classify which information is right and wrong.

Growing up, teenagers would seek for someone to look up to, someone they can idolize and strive their way to be like that person or better in the future. These are the roles that parents and guardians should portray, but because we are in a very fast-paced age bracket now, we sometimes forget the importance of constant supervision for our youth. Because of this, teenagers would divert their admiration to someone else and most of the time it ends up with a celebrity or a famous personality they know through media.

No it’s not wrong to have a famous role model for our youth, but we must also remember that these people they adore aren’t perfect too and they do not have the ability to teach them that not everything they do is right and should be copied.

Media is a business for those who work for it. Sometimes media do not fulfill its duty honestly and instead of giving the public the correct and important information and educative programs, it is giving prominence to sensationalize the public. Teenagers are easily drawn to this kind of approach. They can easily be convinced knowing that what was being showed to them is a trend in the society.

By media connecting us all with the whole world, different society and cultures are now perceptible. From a very conservative country, Filipino youths have become more independent, aggressive and very liberated. With no doubt, media’s influences are also to be blame for the growing rate of teenage pregnancies. It seems so ordinary lately and those teenagers aren’t afraid anymore to take the risk just to be “in” with the crowd.

Teenagers who let themselves saturated in the flood of information, education and entertainment that media provides without the knowledge of eliminating the good and bad, the right and wrong, the ethical and not, would end up destroying themselves, messing up with their own lives.


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