30 Nov

By: Eunice Erika S. Garcia 

What are the negative effects of pregnancy in young mothers’ health?

Teenage mothers have higher risk of acquiring medical complications due to early pregnancies. Most teenage girls nowadays don’t really have an idea of what their aggressiveness can cause them.

Due to lack of education and proper guidance, teenage mothers most likely receive insufficient prenatal care. Because of their young age, they often do not realize the effects of not eating correctly. Teenagers tend to eat mostly processed/fast food and forget the importance of taking prenatal vitamins.

Poor eating habits of young mothers can lead to iron and folic acid deficiencies and can cause the risk of having anemia .

Teenage mothers may also experience difficulties during delivery due to an underdeveloped pelvic bone. The pelvic bones of the birth canal may still be growing and immature until about the age 18.

Preeclampsia , a severe condition of high blood pressure could be developed and because of this, the incidence of caesarean section is higher among young mothers.

As a result of early pregnancy, young teen mothers can presumably have long term medical problems and conditions such as high blood pressure and obesity.

Apart from having a baby, teenagers must be aware that early pregnancy could actually be a danger not only to the child but to their own health as well.


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