9 Dec

by Maria Edfrel Haboc

What do you think is the common reaction of parents when their 16 year old daughter confess that she is pregnant?

Of course, frequently responses are negative. Whose parents would likely want this situation happen to their precious young child? Whose parents would believe that their kids at this age could engage with premarital sex? At this point of adolescence, they’re presumed to be innocent, pure and wholesome. But all turned down and some parents would have a connotation, “they’re trophies have gone lost.”

These are the few of many reasons why teenagers were afraid to confess that they’re carrying a 2-month-old baby. And in this case, the adult parents or the family plays the most important part. Whether they like it or not, they can do nothing but to support their child, most especially to help the teen to boost the morale because depression is the most common among pregnant teens; while others become overwhelmed by guilt, anxiety and fears about the future.

Mostly teenage parents, due to underage, can’t find a job to sustain the needs of their family. They depend to their parents—live with them, share meals with them. In other words, they’re not independent and don’t have the capabilities to live alone. These are the common nuisance of the family of the teenager. Additional members of the family, means bigger and more financial aspects to spend.

The worst side is when these teenage parents become adults and still don’t search for ways to separate ways, others got used to it and even they’re old enough to look for jobs, they don’t pursue own ways to succeed as they know they still have their adult parents to depend to.

Forget about initial pessimistic reactions from adult parents. Instead, keep in mind that if pregnancy occurs, teenagers and their families deserve honest and sensitive counselling about options available to them. Special support systems, including consultation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist when needed, should be available to help the teenager throughout the pregnancy, the birth, and the decision about whether to keep the infant or give it up for adoption. There may be times when the pregnant teenager’s emotional reactions and mental state will require referral to a qualified mental health professional.

Adolescents who become pregnant may not seek proper medical care during their pregnancy, leading to an increased risk for medical complications. Pregnant teenagers require special understanding, medical care, and education–particularly about nutrition, infections, substance abuse, and complications of pregnancy. They also need to learn that using tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, can damage the developing fetus. All pregnant teenagers should have medical care beginning early in their pregnancy.

While facing the grim realities of teen pregnancy is not pleasant, this is not the picture that has to be painted. Teen mothers are perfectly capable of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. With the proper nutrition, early prenatal care and good screening for potential problems the majority of these potential problems will not come to light. While some tend to think that you can’t teach a teen mother anything about her body or baby, it’s really a ridiculous notion. Many of the teen mothers who take active roles in their care do go on to have healthy babies, despite the other hardships that they will face in their lives. Support from the family is a must for the young, new family to be successful.


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