SEX AND PREGNANCY: Reserve it After MARRIAGE, It’s forbidden to happen at an EARLY AGE..

12 Dec

a blog about the Church’s Role in Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage Pregnancy, one of the most uncontrolable problems af youth of today. Almost 40% of teenage girls got pregnant at early age. And every people who really care about this matter always wondering of the best solution to prevent this to happen. Family, friends and church, these are the factors that can be one of the instruments in preventing this, but it is always depend upon on how a “person” who belong to this make his own way to do his/her role.

One of those factors is the church. How can they influence teenagers to avoid “Early Pregnancy”? What is it’s Role? What is it’s Point of View about this? Questions that are needed to be answered, because some of us didn’t give any attention to the relation of Church to early pregnancy.

Church, especially, Catholic Church is againts “Pre-marital Sex”. They teach people to understand why they are not agree to this matter. They believe that a couple needs to get married first before doing it. Though most of us didn’t obey their rules pertaining to “Sex” they still keep their hands on not just to prevent this but also to prevent those bad effects that it brings. They believe that “sex and pregnancy” were reserved for married couples and not to those who didn’t go through marriage.

Chruch is also againts to “BIRTH CONTROLS” but they also againts to “PREGNANCY without Marriage” and “Pre-marital Sex”. Maybe to those who did not believe in what the church’s was saying is these things that they didn’t agreeing to is just an ugly rule. But for others,what does the church says were right.

We have different religions, but I know that most of the religions disagreeing to “Early pregnancy”. And their role is to teach people and to make them understand why a couple needs to get married first before going through sex and pregnancy. They do this for our own good. Though they were againts to birth controls still they were againts to “TEENAGE PREGNANCY”. The best way to avoid this is to follow  our church’s rules: “Reserve Sex after marriage to avoid Early pregnancy, don’t use birth controls, use your own SELF-CONTROL..”


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