Fetus dumped near Quiapo Church on Christmas Eve

6 Jan

by Maria Edfrel Haboc

I can’t explain my feelings after watching this news on TV early morning of December 25 while our family were preparing to go to mass. Its  headline was Fetus dumped near Quiapo Church on Christmas Eve .

Imagine, a fetus was abandoned right at the moment when all people were happy celebrating the Christmas Eve, gathered with all their relatives and loved ones.

I felt sorry for this baby who had been a victim of abortion on a very unforgettable occasion, plus a remarkable place, the Quiapo Church.

Come to think of it, we all know that church is against this wrong doings, considered to be a major sin to all Catholics. That was so immoral to abort a baby and then dump it in this sacred place. Why didn’t the mother dumped it somewhere else?

According to the news, Danilo Gabon, a garbage scavenger, discovered the 7- to 8-month-old fetus in a pile of trash near the church past 11 p.m. That’s almost a baby. Only a month or so and it could have been a completely developed baby.

Of course, we do not know where this fetus came from. It maybe from a mother who is not ready to have a baby, a teenager perhaps, or maybe from someone who have so many children at this time and thinks she could not bear it to have one more additional child because of crisis.

There were so many angles to look up to, thinking of reasons why this happened. But only one thing is for sure. The baby, was unplanned, and so he was dumped.

Poor little angel who was left right in front of church, in front of God, and sadly didn’t even had the chance to witness and celebrate the Christmas Day.


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