one memorable vacation

6 Jan

By: Eunice Erika Garcia

Days before the Christmas day, my family and I are appalled with a series of events that almost threatened our loved ones’ lives.

On the 15th of December 2010, our family celebrated the baptismal of my newly born cousin, Iñigo. Together with my other cousins, aunts and uncles, we dine in for lunch at a restaurant in Quezon City. It was a very fun day, and neither one of us would expect something bad will happen.

 On our way home, my cousin Ate Darlene told us that she was going to fetch her car at the repair shop that day. As soon as she got home, she parked her car just outside their house like what she used to do. A few hours after that, her sister, Kim heard something like a blast outside. She went at the veranda to check what she heard. She then saw a man running away from her sister’s car. To her surprise, the windshield of Ate Darlene’s car was broken. She immediately called her sister and the guards of their subdivision for help.

 Unfortunately the guards did not catch the culprit. According to the police, it seems like what happened was intentional because they also found a nail by the tires.

 On the 18th of December 2010, my aunt, Kim’s mother received a phone call. The man on the other line said “Tingnan nyo yung metro ng meralco nyo.” The man immediately hang up. They checked it and found out that the glass casing was not there anymore. Again, it seems like an intended act because the wrongdoer seemed to patiently take the screws off to get the case and when my relatives did not notice that it was lost, he called them to let them know.

On the same day, while my cousin, Kim and her parents were talking just outside their house with another neighbor, a young man in his motorcycle spitted near them. This young man was also their neighbor. When they asked him why he did such a thing, the young man got angry and said “Issue na yun sa inyo? Isyu na din yun?” He then told my uncle to wait for him as he parked his motorcycle in front of their house and called his family to back him up.

 My relatives know that they are outnumbered. There were only three of them and my uncle was the only man while their neighbor was with his brothers and their father. They went inside their house but the family of their neighbor was all together challenging them to go outside. Even the mother was right by their house shouting as if her child was terribly hurt by the incident.

That event caused so much commotion in their subdivision. Policemen were involved and some homeowner officials were drawn in too. Their street was filled with bystanders and gossipers. Nobody got arrested but the policemen recorded everything that has happened.

 Because of what happened, Kim’s family is now afraid to leave the house. I was asked to accompany her while we’re on vacation so she will have somebody with her when her parents and sister are at work.

On my first night, we were laughing our hearts out when suddenly a mysterious phone call interrupted us. Kim answered the phone but the caller did not answer back then he hangs up. A few seconds later, he called again. The man on the other line said to Kim, “Mag-ingat kayo, mayroong gustong sumunog ng bahay nyo.”

That was really scary for us since we are the only ones left in the house. We immediately called our other relatives, the guards, and Kim’s parents. That was not a good joke. My cousin seemed so traumatic with everything that has happened. She was literally shaking because of fear. I tried to calm her down, but I also found myself in tears. 

Just before New Year’s Day, my relatives bought a caller ID for their phone and built a CCTV by the veranda. It cost a lot of money, but their safety is more important.


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