“PUSH” by Sapphire, will surely touch your heart

6 Jan

By Maria Edfrel Haboc

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PUSH by Sapphire is about a young girl named Claireece Precious Jones who gets abused by her mother and sexually abused by father and ends up with two kids by him. And she gets kicked out of school because she was pregnant! The main characters are Precious, her mother, and Miss Rain. The strengths of this book is that Miss Rain motivates Precious to never give up and never let no one get in the way of her trying to accomplish something, and I think that is the biggest strength throughout this whole book.

When you first read this book its sort of hard to figure out what Precious is saying because she wrote it as if she was talking. “The tesses paint a picture of me an’ my muver my whole family, we more than dumb, we invisible. “Precious really never learned how to read and write until she went to a school to help her get or G.E.D. When she is in the pre.G.E.D class she is scared that everyone will laugh at her but they help her. For example when the teacher said she wanted to see everyone in ABC order the students helped Precious figure out when her turn would be.

Precious doesn’t really have a easy life. She is abused by her mom not just physical but verbally as well. Her mom beat Precious after she found out Precious was pregnant both times. Precious is also sexually abused by her dad which resulted in her having 2 children from him. This story relates to many people because many kids are abused in some way. “Children ages 3 through 12 estimated that nearly 75 million youngsters suffer both physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their parents on a daily basis.”

The first thing I liked about the book push is it opens with her writing as if it was a journal and shows her illiteracy by printing as she would “my baby got down syndrome” and “I’m pregnant from my father”. Difficult challenges were her being raped by her father and mother and being forced to eat when she was full to the point of passing out  And it will also move you with this illiterate young mother going to an alternative school for her to learn how to read, write, and do for her and children.

I also liked how it showed so much graphic and detail like when her mother forced her to eat then while she was asleep the mother would molest her. I loved how it shows as well as tells u that this 16 year old girl is going through a serious struggle with both life home and at school other then being 16 in the ninth grade. It tells the physical and mental abuse the she was put through on a daily basis.

The reality is something that made me enjoy the book. For example Precious was raped by her own father. That’s real it’s not fake nor is it something easy for anyone to share it happens so much but people like to be blind towards it. She was 16 years old pregnant with her second child. There is a part in the book where she is class and these boys were being disrespectful and she liked the teacher so she calmed then and was there for the teacher even though she wasn’t learning anything in the class.

I have to say because of the emotions you feel when you’re reading it is so unimaginable I’d have to give it a personal two thumbs up. If you like books that show you a close look on the life of children in abusive households this is an excellent book for you or anyone that wants to read an inspiring book of reality of abuse and rape and I’d give it a five star rating.

I think that everyone should read this book or watch the movie because I think it might help people realize that not everyone has a perfect life. A lot of people know that kids are abused they just don’t want to really realize it. This book also gives you first hand on teen pregnancy and how it’s hard for people with a learning disability to learn.


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