Sex on public in Boracay!

6 Jan

By: Eunice Erika Garcia


I am appalled to hear the news about the scandalous love making of foreigner couples at the beach of Boracay last New Year, on the first day of 2011. A number of foreign couples were caught on tape having sex.

Yes, the Philippines is a very beautiful country. Who wouldn’t be in love with the magnificent view on the island of Boracay. The ambiance may be very romantic but it not enough to be an excuse for public display of affection especially if what you’re doing is scandalous already.

I also have a boyfriend. Holding each others hand, kissing and hugging are natural but it also depends on the place and the people you are around with. Partners should also be sensitive with the others around them. If what they want to do will make others feel uncomfortable, them maybe something is wrong or too much.

Like what actress, Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez said, as Filipinos, we grew up in a very conservative way. Acts such as the ones caught on tape by the ABS-CBN news team are very outrageous. Reports like these put in blemish not only to the place’s name but to the people who lives here.

Filipinos are known to be very hospitable. A visitor is treated like a king or queen. We are also aware that most of our foreign visitors are very liberated. We Filipinos respect that but that doesn’t mean that we can allow these people to do whatever they want.  

Philippine tourism should be stricter with these kinds of issues. Rules and law should be implemented to those who will not follow. Cases like these are very hard to control but with the help of the local community members it can be avoided. Those who will see scandalous acts such as these should immediately report it to the authorities.

These kinds of scandals aren’t good for the youth today. We shouldn’t allow these foreigners to influence our youth with disgraceful acts especially in public places such as beaches.

We must remind them that this is not their homeland. They are visitors, and visitors must obey the landowner’s rules. Yes, we should maintain to be hospitable hosts but we shouldn’t let these foreigners abuse our kindness.


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