Eunice Erika Garcia



When I was a child, I thought that the most amazing thing human beings created was the television. If I am not studying or playing outside, watching with the TV has been my most favorite past time; from cartoons and other youth-oriented shows to reality and educational/factual programs.

TV documentaries captured my interest the most. I admire documentaries because it talks about life and the truth that embodies every story. I love to hear different stories from people about their own experiences and struggles.

I can say that being fond with this kind of program helped me develop my own personality and the way I see my environment, the people I interact with every single day of my life.

Women and children topics touch my heart the most. I know that I am one of them, and I am very open-minded that their situations, whether it’s good or not, might actually happen to me one day. Every time I see stories that include women and children, I would always try to see myself in their shoes.

Am I a feminist or an activist for women and children’s rights? Yes, maybe I am. I may not have a specific social organization or group for now but the fact that I support and obediently follow rulings regarding women and children’s protection and rights, I would consider myself as one.

One of the most talked about concern nowadays whether here in the Philippines or outside the country were teenage pregnancies. Teenage pregnancies have been an issue for decades, but lately the number of young moms became very overwhelming. Considering all the factors such as religion, economy, law and culture, how do we take a stand on what is appropriate, ethical, or right?

No, television is not the most amazing thing the human beings created; a child is. It is not a sin to bear a child, but the basis upon its creation is questionable if the mother is a teenager.

I am Eunice Erika Garcia, 24 years of age. Though I haven’t experience being a young mom first hand, I try to relate my own story to the other young moms I’ve known. Through their stories, I made an effort to understand where they’re coming from and learn from the chronicles of their lives.

This blog was not designed to judge people who have been through this experience but to educate us all about the reasons and outcome of being a teenage mom.


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