Jessa Monica Perez

A Multi-purpose Girl’s Life and Passion.

I am a young working student and also a mom. Some of my friends always ask how did I manage my time with studies,work and also with my baby.That is as simple as this, my baby is my inspiration in every thing i do, work and studies, I have my mom beside me to help me and to guide me because I am so young to face this kind of situation. Though it’s so really hard to be on my position right now, I still thank God by having my family and baby beside me. I am still so fortunate about what i have and where I am right now and  I really appreciate it.

Fashion, dance and music is my fashion, I can’t live withou having any of these three. Why Fashion? Because with fashion I can still show to others that being a mother won’t give difficulties to a woman to have the image she deserve. I am not a Certified Fashion Designer, but I design my dress,my hats,shoes and accesories. I really love seing my self wearing the product of my ideas in fashion, though not all people would appreciate it, I am still confident enough to show them off how “Jessa monica” works with what she likes.

Why dance? Obviously, dance is fun, dancing is talent, dance is exercise. I really love dancing and that’s what makes me so visible when I stand up on stage performing with my family. I am just a simple singer, singing songs that are not too high and not too low, both of my sisters are good singers and the only thing that can still make me stand out is my dancing. When I sing, I dance, I enjoy and I perform. I am not a really good dancer but that’s what i like so i can still make up on it on and off stage.

Why Music, Music is about everything, that’s what music meant to me. Music brings out the harmony, music makes me happy, music makes me cry and music expresses my self. My parents came from long line of musicians and playing music is what most of our family members do for a living. That’s why music is not just my passion but it is one the most important thing to me. And being one of the luckiest girl by having a talent in music, I am thanking God for giving me this.

I am singer, I am a performer, I am a student, but do you really know what really make me so proud? Being a Mom.


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